About Break-Thru Active

Introducing Mitch and Jayme

We are the owners and operators of Break-Thru Active.


Our friendship dates back to 2006 in high school. We have lived together, travelled the world together, partied together and trained together. In 2014, we started our fitness business together. We’ve had plenty of bumps and detours along the way but looking back, we wouldn’t change any of it.


We have well and truly surpassed the ‘10,000 hours’ rule in regards to group training. However, it was always our ambition to open a gym. At the end of 2019 our goal became our reality when we became the owner/operators of Break-Thru Active Adamstown.


Three months later in March 2020, we opened the doors of our new facility at Break-Thru Active Cardiff. Fun fact – we opened March 23rd which was also the same day that COVID restrictions caused us to close (for 3 months) but that’s a story for another day.

What is Break-Thru Active?


If you’re wanting a hardcore fitness experience that is suitable for only a select few, this is NOT the place for you.


If you’re wanting a run of the mill group class with 40 other people and a trainer who doesn’t know your name, this is NOT the place for you either.


We meet you in the middle.


We believe you should make your health and fitness a priority but understand that the more you enjoy the experience, the more committed you will be and more likely you will be to make long, lasting change.

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