TEAM - Mitchell Done
TEAM - Mitchell Done
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Owner & Coach


Hi everybody!

After finishing my bachelor of business degree in 2010, I spent a few years travelling around the world and didn’t really have much of an idea of what my future would bring. I had decided I didn’t want to wear a suit to work and move to Sydney so I decided to do my personal training course. Little did I know that it would lead me to owning two gyms here in Newcastle.


My sporting background is golf, cricket and rugby league. Currently, I still enjoy getting out playing some touch footy, standing out on the cricket field on a hot Saturday afternoon or getting a quick 9 holes in late in the arvo.


I’m an avid believer that training is best when done in a group of like minded people. There’s something magical about grinding your way through a session and know others are feeling that same grind right next to you.


I’ve been fortunate enough to make some life long relationships with our members at Break-Thru. We celebrate the highs, work through the lows but always know we have a supportive community that goes well beyond the deadlifts, burpees and push ups.


At the end of the day, I’m lucky enough to say I love what I do. I receive great satisfaction in seeing others working hard and achieving things they never thought possible. I take pride in providing an opportunity for our members to step away from their daily stresses and take some time for themselves. Lift some weights, work up a sweat, pump up the music and be the thing they look forward for to each day.

TEAM - Jamie Richardson


Owner & Coach


Hey guys!

Straight out of high school I was tied to a desk job bored out of my mind and in 2012 I wanted to pursue my passion which was health and fitness.


I first picked up a pair of weights when I was 15 and I have never looked back. Over the last 16 years my love of training has continued to grow as my desire to continue to learn to be the best coach possible.


Growing up I played Basketball and AFL. During my final years of AFL I suffered 3 major injuries that required 3 joint reconstructions. Both my shoulders and my right knee. Rehabbing the injuries gave me a new appreciation of how important and amazing our bodies are and no one should learn to live with pain and I love the role strength and conditioning plays with healing my injuries but more importantly preventing them.


Outside of the gym I’m a massive NBA, UFC fan. I like movies and love rap/hip hop which is very popular amongst some of our members. I love my dogs and patting everyone else’s while taking in much as sun as possible even thought my pale skin doesn’t always agree.


I love what I do and I can’t wait to see you in the gym!

TEAM - Jamie Richardson
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TEAM - Brodie
TEAM - Brodie
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Hi Guys!

My love of fitness began when I was 19. Throughout my teenage years, I was never interested in sports of any kind, until I joined a small group training session, that ran 3 times a week at a local school hall. It was such a fun, positive environment to be involved in.


During this time I was completing my certificate IV in dental assisting. Not enjoying it at all, I knew that job was not for me!


In 2018 I joined Break-Thru Bootcamp as a member when Jayme & Mitch first opened their doors in Newcastle. At this time, my passion for health and fitness grew stronger, and after training with Jayme & Mitch for 12 months, I decided to enrol to complete my personal training course and I have not looked back since.


I was lucky enough to have Jayme & Mitch’s help and guidance throughout my course and even luckier to have them make me a part of the Break-Thru team!


Out of the gym I enjoy a day at the beach and catching up with friends for a walk & coffee. Having my certificate in Children’s Services, it’s great to see our members bring along their children, so we as role models, can show them how to live an active lifestyle.


There is nothing I love more than going to ‘work’ and being surrounded by a group of people who are actively bettering themselves each and everyday!

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Hey team!

My journey and love for fitness starts in 2016, when I was tipping the scales at 137kg.


I was completely unaware of how bad my health got until I started a 21 day challenge at Mitch and Jayme’s Boot Camp in Kurri Kurri and then and there, I knew something had to change.


I lost 30kg and have never felt better physically or mentally. I felt so good that along the way, the boys asked me if I wanted to become a trainer and I made that happen in 2018 and haven’t looked back since.


Years on and I still love doing this as much as I did early on and I have developed some really great friendships throughout my time at Break-Thru.


Away from the gym, I would consider myself an absolute movie and sports nerd! I love all different types of movies and sports.


I can tell you now, don’t get me started on the Rocky Series, the Cronulla Sharks or the Boston Celtics, otherwise you will NEVER shut me up! It’s a pretty hard task as is anyways!


I really pride myself on making people feel comfortable when they walk through our doors and make them feel apart of the Break-Thru family.


Because that’s what we are; family. Would love for you to be apart of it!

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