Member Testimonials


I started with Break-Thru the day they opened in January 2020 at Adamstown, looking for a gym that had a great fun attitude and community – and I found it! It’s easy to be consistent when you want to be there every day!


The people are fantastic and welcoming, and make each session more fun. No matter your fitness level there’s something here for you. Mitch, Jayme, Brodie & Steve are great and will help you build your skills and push you to be your best. I’m stoked to have finally found a gym that works for me!


“After having kids and not putting my health and fitness at the top of my priority list for the past 6 or 7 years I really needed something that was unique. Break-thru Active is the kind of place that I have been looking for for the past 20 years and there’s no other gym like it.


They have made me feel welcome from the very first session and took the time to understand exactly where I was at, where I wanted to be and continue to help me improve. The early morning, small group workouts are perfect for me and I’ve made new friends which is one of the best things to come out of my experience so far. I’m so glad I finally found the perfect gym for me.”


“The guys at Break Thru Active go above and beyond for their patrons more any other gym I’ve been to. Even through the pandemic lockdowns, they didn’t just close the doors and sit around waiting for it to be all over. The guys co-ordinated together, abiding by all the rules and regulations to still enable all patrons to get out of the house and workout outside together.


They’re welcoming, encouraging, professional and always notice an individuals progress and consistency to training.
Even with injury or inability to perform certain actions, the trainers will modify the workout for you to be able still exercise and get the most out of the workout each day without an issue.


My overall health both physically and mentally has dramatically improved since joining Break Thru and I can’t thank them enough.


I highly recommend this gym to anyone of any age or ability to join and see for yourself!”


“I joined the Break-Thru family in May 2018 when I was looking to lose weight, get healthy and set a better example for my young children. I’d never found somewhere to exercise that made me feel comfortable and welcome. Break-Thru did, from my very first workout and I have never looked back!


Mitch, Jayme and the team are 100% behind you, helping you reach your goals, keeping you accountable and celebrating your milestones. They support you wholeheartedly, not only through gym sessions, but with answers to questions about nutrition to injury management and everything in-between.


The workouts have great variety, so you never get bored and they cater to all fitness levels. It’s also never a problem to modify an exercise to suit the individual. The Break-Thru members are friendly and encouraging and always up for a laugh. I’ve met some truely inspirational people and made lifelong friends.


Not only have I lost weight but I am fitter, stronger and healthier than I have ever been! I without hesitation, highly recommend giving Break-Thru Active a try, their unique ways mean it’s more than just a place to workout, it’s a whole community!”


“I joined Break-Threw active Adamstown in March this year on a month trial. I had been to previous gyms but felt overwhelmed and intimidated by the other people. The guys at Break-threw made me feel comfortable and supported. I managed to increase my workouts, push myself and start to reach my goals and meet some great people. During lockdown they have kept us motivated and helped us to stay on the right path. Without this team of great trainers I wouldn’t be ready to get married with the confidence I know have.”


“Break Thru – Adamstown has been life changing for me. I struggled to attend regular gym sessions and I was missing a group environment. In the last 24 months my fitness and strength has improved dramatically! I have made great friends and learnt so much about my health and nutrition. The people and trainers are great, I couldn’t recommended them enough! Whatever your fitness type or goal I can guarantee you will feel supported and nurtured on your journey. THANK YOU BREAKTHRU!”


“Break Thru Adamstown is fun, full of energy, friendly, experienced trainers who take into consideration pre-existing injuries and your age. This gym is totally different to any other gym I’ve trained at. The absolute best way to start your day with Mitch, Jayme and Brodie.”


“I joined breakthru warners bay bootcamp 2019 the trainers Jayme Mitch Brodie and Steve encouragement to me to transition to Breakthru Active Cardiff last year. I was apprehensive about joining a gym being in the over 50s aged group I didn’t think it was me. With the help of the trainers Im feeling stronger and fitter. It’s a great way to start your mornings training with like minded people of all ages and fitness levels.”


I first came for a trial at Break-Thru Active in November 2019 prior to their official opening and I haven’t left since. The programming holds me accountable, keeps me interested and motivates me to keep turning up and improving.


Coming to the gym doesn’t feel like such a chore when you are surrounded by such a great bunch of coaches and members.


I remember walking into Break-Thru for the very first time feeling extremely nervous and anxious. Steve was the trainer and Jayme was there too, to welcome me.


I have tried a lot of group training in the past and Break-Thru, by far, has been ‘my place’ to be me. The trainers are amaing at helping you reach those goals and push you further. I couldn’t even run 100m when I first started and now I’m choosing to run.


Even lately, when I have been struggling to attend the gym, I get messages frequently to help keep me on track. I would highly recommend Break-Thru Active to anyone.


“I was always too nervous to join a gym thinking instructors would be aggressively pushy and other members would be judgemental.. then through a recommendation I found Break Thru! Best decision I’ve made by a long shot. Not only for my physical health, but for my mental health too. The trainers – Steve, Jayme, Brodie and Mitch are all insanely friendly with priceless knowledge. All members are there to beat themselves, and I’ve honestly made some great friendships that make it even easier again to get myself there! The workouts are diverse and achievable, whilst challenging me every session. There’s nowhere I’d want to be more than Break Thru for working out!”


“I started break thru active last year and it has completely changed my health and wellness lifestyle. The team at break thru active are so supportive and encourage you to work towards your fitness goals. Even throughout covid the trainers helped you maintain my exercise. If you are looking for a way to improve your life style, i would highly recommend break thru active!!”


“When I first joined I was nervous, but the minute you walk in the trainers are so welcoming and so are the members!


Everyone is encouraging and just makes you feel better to wake up at a stupid hour every morning to go there!”


“It was January 2021 I was looking for a gym that would support my Son and I with our fitness goals. We started out with the Beginner Bootcamp crew at Cardiff, for someone who hates getting up early 5:15 was quite the challenge.
We met Brodie and Jayme on our first day and we could not have felt more welcomed. We were introduced to more of the team as the days, weeks rolled on first Steve, Di and then Mitch. In March we joined the Adamstown crew and fast forward to October 2021 we not only call the trainers friends but have made life long friends with our gym buddies.


If you’re looking for a gym that turns fitness into fun, challenges you to do what you didn’t think is possible. Works with your injuries, is a zero judgement space seriously look no further. Do yourself a favour come and join the Breakthru Family. From training at two of their gyms the atmosphere in both is a place you want to be.”


“My family moved to Newcastle in early 2020 and one of my concerns was finding a suitable place to exercise. I’d been 4 years in outdoor Bootcamp which I loved and made lovely friends, so was looking for something similar. Covid hit and I stopped exercising. My niece through her friends recommended Break-thru. I wasn’t sure because it was different to Bootcamp, but decided to give it a go. Mitch was so supportive and assured me he would help me transition. When the gyms opened up in June, I got my first exposure to barbells, weights, racks, rowing machines and exercise bikes. Most of the clients were much, much younger, but they were equally supportive. Along with Jayme and Brodie, I slowly built confidence. The workouts were varied and along with an app, we could track our progress to keep us accountable. Now just over 6-months has passed and I can lift heavier weights, get faster times and burn more calories. I am determined to do better in the next 6-months – I have not yet plateaued.
At my stage of life (middle age), I see doing a combination of cardio and weight bearing exercises important to keep me healthy. Break-thru also ensure a high level of safety so I can remain injury-free and can keep participating.
While I love matching myself against the younger crew and try not to be too far behind, I would love to see more people my age to come join me so we can take them all on!!
Thank you Mitch, Jayme and Brodie”


“So excited to be back, thanks to the team at Break-Thru Active Cardiff and break thru Break-Thru Active Adamstown Jayme, Mitch, Steve, Brodie and Diana for putting in so much effort and thought to keep everyone safe in the return. You have definitely made it work and thanks for the positive culture you have created. It makes such a difference!”


“Joining these guys 2 years ago was the best decision I ever made. Both equally a physical and mental journey. Growing stronger and fitter, realising my strengths each day! I’m still learning and pushing more 2 years on. These guys have helped push me to my limits and accomplish more than I could ever imagine. It is more than a gym, it is a family. The support from trainers and members alike is sensational!”

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